Bitcoin is perhaps the leading cryptocurrency in the world right now, and something that you need to take note of. The world of Bitcoin might seem a million miles away from our own, but it’s actually inextricably linked to ours. And, in a few years time, we may even see Bitcoin emerge as one of the leading global currencies.

Everything is digital these days, so you have to make sure you prepare for how technology changes things. There are a lot of ways in which we can pay for things nowadays, and Bitcoin is certainly becoming more popular. Here are some suggestions that can help you earn Bitcoin even on a shoestring budget.

Win Them

A novel way of earning Bitcoin inexpensively is to win them, and that can be done through casinos. You might not know it, but many online casinos have begun accepting Bitcoin as part of their payment options. In fact, some casinos are dedicated to solely Bitcoin, such as MegaDice casino, so there’s plenty of choice. If you fancy yourself a bit of a gambler, this is a good way to earn money if you are operating on a tight budget. Just make sure you are sensible with your funds.

Mine Then Cheaply

Okay, we know you’re probably looking sceptical right now and thinking, how can this be on the list? Mining Bitcoin is crazy expensive right? Yes, usually. But not always. A case in point is the story of a student from the University of California who was able to mine Bitcoin from his dorm room, the cheap way. He managed to create a DIY Bitcoin mining rig using a combination of products bought from Amazon, including the Raspberry Pi. It’s something you can do without needing intimate knowledge of computers, so this could be worth looking at.

Accept Payment

The simplest way of earning Bitcoin on a budget is to accept them as payment for things. So, if you’re selling goods or services, you may decide to accept Bitcoin for payment, at least for a while. This is a great way of getting onto the Bitcoin ladder without having to spend lots of money on buying Bitcoin. Many people don’t like doing this, but it’s one of the best ways we can think of to earn Bitcoin.

Complete Tasks

Another way of earning Bitcoin is to create takes such as surveys and questionnaires. There are certain sites dedicated to rewarding people with Bitcoin for tasks they complete. This is a great way of bolstering your Bitcoin collection and helping to find your way in the market. Check out websites like CoinWorker and Bitfortip to help you with this. You can start working towards earning Bitcoin today, so what are you waiting for?!