Are you a Bitcoin aficionado? Perhaps you’re completely new to the process, built want to know more. Well, there is a complex and detailed way of learning all there is to know about Bitcoin and where to find it. But, the main thing you probably want to know is how you can get hold of Bitcoin for a budget price. Well, there are a few things you could do, and some will be easier than others.


So, we’re going to take a look at a few of the things you can do to get yourself Bitcoin for under $100.




One of the best ways of achieving this is to start trading in Bitcoin. This is something you can do online, or with other Bitcoin users. Of course, it helps if you already have Bitcoin to start with, as this makes it easier to get into a good position for trading. You will need to study the market extensively, though, to make sure you can manoeuvre with $100, and that there are opportunities for arbitrage, etc. Trading is a wonderful way of getting Bitcoin for cheap, and, if you feel as though the $100 is not enough, then you might decide to invest long-term.




We all know that casinos are the masters of the digital world, and Bitcoin has started to become commonplace here now. Many casinos will accept Bitcoin as payments and will give them as winnings too. Though gambling is taking something of a risk, it can often be a calculated risk, especially if you are playing games like poker. That $100 can go a pretty long way in the casino, and you may even be able to secure your winnings in Bitcoin. This will help you expand your collection and make sure you have a stake in the Bitcoin world. It’s not for everyone, of course, but casinos can be a great way of earning Bitcoin without having to pay a lot of money.


Work for Bitcoin


Believe it or not, you can actually work for Bitcoin, and they will pay you in Bitcoin. This is a cool idea if you are looking for work, or if you’re familiar with how the process of cryptocurrency works. There are jobs working in freelancing, software development, design, and transcribing, to name just a few. Working for Bitcoin is a great opportunity to be part of a fresh, exciting new company looking to take on the world.